Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gather 'round and pay heed to the news of this day!

Let there be revelry & celebration for yet another SKCC member has advanced
to the Centurion Cx1 level of SKCC achievement !!!

Hans, BX2ABT, SKCC# 12107, has achieved the coveted 1st generation SKCC
member achievement known far and wide as the Centurion Cx1 award.

The Centurion Cx1 award is earned by SKCC members who work 100 other
members, exchanging skcc number and name.

Hans's log & application were submitted to the Centurion Administrator on
01-Jan-2021. The Centurion award Analysis Team performed an exhaustive
review of the submitted documentation. The process confirmed that all of the
100 required contacts had indeed been made with established SKCC members
subsequent to Hans's SKCC join date.

Having submitted a log and sworn statement, both of which have survived the
intense tests used by the Centurion administrator, Hans, BX2ABT, is duly
proclaimed to be SKCC Centurion Cx1.

This SKCC member shall, from this day forward, proclaim to all that their
SKCC Number ends with C. He shall enjoy all the honor and privilege that
appertains thereto and all shall accord him the esteem and respect
appropriate to their achievements.

The Master Centurion List has been duly scribed where all SKCC Members may
reflect upon and pay tribute to this momentous achievement.

**This award is effective as of 0000Z on 02-Jan-2021.**

Congratulations to: Hans, BX2ABT, SKCC# 12107, Centurion #2181 Cx1.

Duly approved, recorded, and published.

I set forth my hand and key on 01-Jan-2021

Ron Bower, AC2C
SKCC 2748S
SKCC Centurion Administrator