0. Hardware

My packet station consists of the following pieces:

Transceiver: Pfitzner TMC-82 / Teletron Condor16, output 5W

Antenna: Diamond Discone

Computer: Raspberry Pi4, 4GB RAM, with a 32 GB Transcend UHS-I microSD card for storage

Interface: RPi Radio Interface by JayMXZ (photo)

PSU: 4A, 13.8V regulated


All connections from the Condor16 go via the DB15 connector on the back. Pinout is as follows (color code is for my own wiring):

Vin - pin 1&2 - red & white

Shorted - pin 6-12

GND - pin 7&8 - black & grey

SPKR - pin 10 - yellow

PTT - pin 11 - blue

Mic - pin 15 - green